How does it work ?
  • Download the app or open our progressive website , register yourself by creating an account
  • Inform us by email to apply the discount code: We will apply the discount code UITHOORN (15%) / AMSTELVEEN (10%) respectively to your account.
  • Henceforth you will be able to use this discount when u buy as its linked to your account
  • Note: you can only this for Uithoorn & Amstelveen addresses.

What is community buying ?

Because of our software & data gathering,  we intend to predict what are the most common needs of the community. For this purpose, we want to offer a 15% & 10% discount on all products for all Uithoorn & Amstelveen customers respectively. This will run for next 2 months untill we learn & predict.

Another main objective is to serve our customers the fresh & good quality vegetables as soon as they arrive from India. We would like to improve the predictability and fulfill the purpose of these amazing vegetables who have traveled so far from the Motherland for us. With community buying, we wish to help each other.

Why only Uithoorn & Amstelveen ?

  • One due to proximity to warehouse and no shipping charges.
  • Also the rest of Netherlands already has the benefit of free shipping & no packaging costs over € 29.95. However,the more we learn, the predictable it can become. We intend to open this in future for other customers as well.

What will prices look like ?

  • Below is an idea of what the prices will look like for Uithoorn and Amstelveen. Discount applies to all the products in the store. The below is subset just to give an impression of what it will look like.


Product Price Original Uithoorn Amstelveen
€0.00 €0.00
€0.00 €0.00
€0.00 €0.00
Annam Sona Masoori Rice 10kg-DesiDutchStore
Annam Sona Masoori Rice 10kg
€18.99 €16.14 €17.09
Annam Sona Masoori Rice 5kg-DesiDutchStore
Annam Sona Masoori Rice 5kg
€11.99 €10.19 €10.79
Blue Daawat Traditional Basmati Rice 5kg-DesiDutchStore
Blue Daawat Traditional Basmati Rice 5kg
€16.99 €14.44 €15.29
€0.00 €0.00
€0.00 €0.00
NVF Paneer 400-500 g-DesiDutchStore
NVF Paneer 1 packet
€4.85 €4.12 €4.37
€0.00 €0.00
€0.00 €0.00
€0.00 €0.00
€0.00 €0.00
Amul Ghee 1kg-DesiDutchStore
Amul Ghee 1kg
€20.99 €17.84 €18.89