We at DesiDutch believe in transparency. We have implemented a new feature with which you can now see expiry dates. This feature is now available on the website only. App update will follow.
We also will soon release the plugin-app so that other shop owners can use this on their websites, for a fair price. We welcome other web-shop owners to contact us if interested.
As a retailer in this business we mean to share some knowledge & quick tips on how to avoid the products that are not imported properly.
Expiry dates for Indian products has always been a controversial topic, due to the nature in which these goods are imported & sold.
Usually a manufacturer or the exporter is meant to provide an export pack of the product. It may happen that manufacturer directly doesn't provide export packs as they only operate locally but then the exporter is supposed to take care of this.
Sometimes you may find products which are re-labelled. This is not always wrong however this is a cause to scrutinize and look.
If you know that its an established & well known brand in India, then they for sure provide export pack directly. There is no need to buy a relabeled pack. For example Aashirwad (ITC) products.
Labeling is not the only thing in the export pack.Export pack are also meant to provide more protection against moisture & transit issues.