TRS White Chick Peas 500g

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TRS White Chick Peas 500g

TRS White Chick Peas belong to the Indian elementary foods and are very popular because of their mildly nutty taste. TRS White Chickpeas are ideal for the preparation of authentic Indian dishes without meat. Compared with brown chickpeas, white chickpeas are slightly milder and cooked faster.

Chickpeas are creamy-white, protein-rich legumes used in Indian and international cuisine. They are also known as Chana, Chole, or Kabuli Chana. They need to be soaked overnight for easier cooking.

  • Chickpeas are rich in fiber and thus can aid in weight loss.
  • As it is rich in protein, Chana is a healthy addition to a vegetarian diet.
  • It contains iron and manganese which helps in boosting energy levels.
  • It is believed to be helpful in stabilizing blood sugar.
  • It helps in lowering bad cholesterol.
  • It contains a lot of folic acids.

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